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Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means to unite or integrate. It is all about harmonising the body with the mind and breath.
In today’s world, when sedentary lifestyle is becoming a leading cause of illness, physical exercise is very much needed. People tend to think that we can get fit and healthy by hitting the gym also but Yoga provides a three dimensional approach to health - physical, mental and spiritual. It is an art and science behind a healthy life. Practicing Yoga helps one overcome all kinds of sufferings and provides happiness, harmony and thus a salubrious life. So we don’t need to punish ourselves by lifting heavy weights anymore when we can get a healthy body by performing these low impact exercises. This will not only give us a body we desire for but also help us in our spiritual and emotional well being.
We at AROGYA YOGSHALA help people to achieve the union between their body and mind to attain self realization. Our aim is to inspire people and transform their body and mind with these low impact exercises and help them manage their day to day stress effectively. The practice of Yoga is the most essential way of leading the union between individual consciousness and universal consciousness.
Yoga is a path to salvation from all exploitation. We teach you all types of yoga practices as per your need and identity. We have different types of packages designed for you. We have an expertise in Sahaj Yoga, Power Yoga, Ashtang Yoga, Hath Yoga and Advanced Yoga. You can join us and get the knack of different kriyas like Jal neti, Kunjal, Tratak, Kapal Bhati, Basti, Dhauti, and many more. You can get healed from all your sufferings through our healing therapies like naturopathy, crystal healing, reiki healing, acupressure, massage therapy, pranic healing, etc. We also have yoga retreat packages for you.
AROGYA YOGSHALA provides assistance to all the people who want to learn this spiritual discipline.
Our studio is the best and the ultimate solution of all your problems. We will help you change your lifestyle using your body, mind, emotions and energy.
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